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RT @gifdsports: Andre Williams trucks Malcolm Jenkins

Twitter: @A_J_Rivera10

RT @Cianaf: "Malcolm Jenkins, an excellent tackler." - Excellent is a bit strong there, Cris.

Twitter: @J_MCotto

Third and 1, one play after Andre Williams rocks Malcolm Jenkins, Giants come out in a shotgun formation and throw. #NYG

Twitter: @Connor_J_Hughes

Andy Reid talks with 49ers media about Alex Smith, A.J. Jenkins, 49ers defense - #49ers

Twitter: @49ers_fans10

Mrs J has new PC with Windows 8. Been using it and actually it's OK. Not as good as a Debian console over SSH of course but OK.

Twitter: @dean_jenkins

(10:36) (Shotgun) A.Ellington up the middle to ARI 19 for 2 yards (J.Jenkins). #ARIvsWAS

Twitter: @redskins_pbp