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Hi @lyndalcurtis sad to hear you're leaving the ABC. Please ignore @chriskkenny's puerile sniping. It's just attention-seeking. No class

Twitter: @TrueOzPatriot

@ABC kind of sad to see him fighting the papal initiative. Must not respect religion.

Twitter: @ronbres

#Vic: If #MiaMia fire is not contained before the wind change, it may impact Heathcote Sth + Argyle from 3-5pm

Twitter: @ABCemergency

Greater ACCC powers fuel RAA call for probe into city-country petrol price divide

Twitter: @N_H_Australia

@ABC @WorldNews ironically, we should kill them all

Twitter: @DennisDanger1

RT @PzFeed: NORTH KOREA WINS - 'The Interview' CANCELED - Sony pulls Dec. 25 release - Day after attack threat - ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN: NKore…

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