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NFC Championship game - Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks AFC Championship game - Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots

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@Redveechick put last yrs AFC championship game on. That should do the job ;-)

Twitter: @ridgeback71

@buffalobills @MMoulson Sabres have a game Jan 18th. DIBS ON YOUR AFC CHAMPIONSHIP TICKETS!!

Twitter: @MattSchwandt1

@Jay_MileHigh I went to a steelers game in 97 we barely lost that game but ended up beating them in AFC championship and winning the SB.

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@NYJ_Henry @JRSportBrief @McDTwin1 you are mad that you've been mediocre since the AFC championship game and that the fins have been better

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RT @uSTADIUM: @SethIsGuap Nice! Think Brady and Belichick reach their 4th straight AFC Championship game this season?

Twitter: @SethIsGuap