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@luisjuanez_ @Clemons_14 Yeah bc we didn't lose to the pats in the AFC championship game couple years back

Twitter: @OscarZapien__

1986 AFC Championship Game Preview: @FelixWright22 @johnWKYC @JManziel2 This City will be rocking again!

Twitter: @dyard5

@Chargersthunder the season is a failure if we dont make afc championship game no?

Twitter: @prestonsimms83

@Smug_Fruit @shitpatsfansay @CockyTomBrady id rather lose in AFC championship game than go 4-12 consistently lmao

Twitter: @tworzel

@fake_ghost @Tina4for4 the only time ONLY time Peyton came back from big adversity in a game was the patriots AFC championship game

Twitter: @thezhayes

In all honesty, if Reggie loses that fumble in the '06 AFC championship game I'd probably dislike him forever. Buuuuut he didn't.

Twitter: @Louis_Ville