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@ShaneNFL @PriscoCBS Brunell is still mad he lost to Pats in 96 AFC championship game.

Twitter: @ClarenceWhorley

AFC Championship Game 2015: Patriots vs. Colts storylines to wa #colts #indianapoliscolts

Twitter: @AlabamaSentinul

@loring386 @PriscoCBS 0 chance they tried this for the first time in an afc championship game studies into their fumble rate suggest a lot

Twitter: @SeanBarkey

@mike_perrin Bwahahaha... He didn't tamper with balls in the AFC Championship game

Twitter: @EvelDick

That old creep Bill Belichick's balls are just as deflated as the AFC championship game's balls #honestlytho

Twitter: @notrichsherms

Dis man keep tryna persuade me that the pats don't cheat, the start of Tom Brady was cheatin in the 02 afc championship game vs the raiders

Twitter: @ROB1000_