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@SeanB812 @nePatri0ts @JasonLaCanfora there LITERALLY was the day of the Colts v Patriots AFC Championship game. Literally that evening.

Twitter: @Kiel_Powell

@SC_Cleveland 86 AFC championship game.. Elways "The Drive" goes 98 yards and breaks every heart in the dog pound

Twitter: @Wilbatron_5k

The Colts are going to the AFC Championship again for sure if we draft Melvin Gordon. The Colts with a pass And run game? Too nasty.

Twitter: @MasonDontTweet

I'm sorry but why was Ospina in goal for a fucking championship game... #AFC

Twitter: @_TomWilliams_

Shoutout to Coach Zick for leading AFC to the regional championship game.. Love that guy

Twitter: @jhuels24

RT @mrraider602: "@JustWinBaby11: 2002 AFC Championship game." damn those were some good times! #RaiderNation!

Twitter: @Manny_Dodgers