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RT @mrsthwaacker: @johngutierrez1 @AmySward @thwaacker @Archerymadness @Stoney_ATA @atomicgray @Keep_At_Em @Ureverydaygirl @skinnybitch_ang…

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RT @atomicgray: @johngutierrez1 @AmySward @thwaacker @mrsthwaacker @Archerymadness @Stoney_ATA @Keep_At_Em @Ureverydaygirl @skinnybitch_ang…

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Catch me I'm falling ug Please be careful with my heart ata yung kanta nun. Hahaha

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RT @keyetv: UT students fight back against ISIS, radicalization.

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RT @ITIUK: How to track changes in Microsoft Word without going insane via @pcworld

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