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Academy Award on twitter
We won a Molkie! Next up: an Academy Award for Lambie and the Brick. #roastTV @ABC2

Twitter: @TheRoastTV

Two L's at home. Less than 30% from the floor. Colossal, Academy Award winning flopper. But he's a top 10 player in the league right?

Twitter: @P_Cassell

Television Academy Foundation Announces College TV Awards Winners (TheWrap)

Twitter: @ProducerThought

RT @JMSCHKU: Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ruby Yang will be speaking this friday from 6-7:30

Twitter: @arshiyakh

Dr. Ann Dale of @RoyalRoads - winner of the Career Achievement Award - notes the CUFA BC awards are not the Academy Awards! cc: @MsKathleenP

Twitter: @jesshwprince

@filmcourage Story idea; @art_center student named Student Academy Award nom for film made against all odds

Twitter: @teribond