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Academy Awards on twitter
RT @FrankViola: Apparently, God needs a better publicist at the Academy Awards: #Oscar from @philcooke

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@sbliss89 @Willy1733 @pennyddreadful I find it an interesting irony that a movie about Ed Wood won two Academy Awards.

Twitter: @Kinetograph

RT @CoorsLight: Looks like the Academy can take the day off. This one's bringing home ALL the awards. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

Twitter: @zachary_wyatt

Just finished rewatching breaking bad.. Can the Academy Awards just make an exception for Bryan Cranston?

Twitter: @Anna__Son

RT @Chapelleshow20: Sharknado got robbed at the Academy Awards this year... Some people just can't understand a true masterpiece SMH

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RT @Dodger_Therapy: Just as the Academy Awards are long and dull, baseball GMs lie. Expect some moves, even though Ned is saying nothing ha…

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