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I just used Shazam to discover Please Mr. Kennedy by Justin Timberlake & Oscar Isaac & Adam Driver.

Twitter: @erickamericka

Kennedy’s Question | The Weekly Standard Brilliant analysis by my friend Adam White. Obamites should tremble.

Twitter: @QuinHillyer

RT @komments: Nick Kaspar, Elhadji Ndiaye and Adam Kennedy tonight! Listen in at #NFLDraft @7SportsGroup

Twitter: @elevenbravo138

Planning a trip to East Africa? Birds of Serengeti & Ngorongoro by Adam Scott Kennedy :

Twitter: @luxurytravelrev

@Aharter14 @hudson_edward I also love you Adam

Twitter: @kennedy_mitch

RT: Communicating organization’s #purpose key to higher #employeeengagement.@Inc” #HR #ClarityOfPurpose #socent #Lndn

Twitter: @mf_kennedy