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Check us out in The Northern Advocate - #IKHMG #kaiparaharbour #lookingbackthinkingforward

Twitter: @IKHMG

Thanks @ronsplace2006 did you see the latest? Another wonder if urz heer aka linda media will block me. #brampoli #brampton

Twitter: @frugal_advocate

@hwitteman thanks so much for the invitation to #smdm14 Hopefully more patients advocate can provide their input and be heard.

Twitter: @dulce_guerrero

RT @ShowHope: How will YOU celebrate #OrphanSunday this year? Help your kids get involved with our "Change for Orphans" curriculum! http://…

Twitter: @butterflych_org

.@NFIB .@RoundsforSenate .@cbenak1 We concur, that is why Small Biz can advocate here.

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"I am an advocate for UNH’s ‘walking-campus’ philosophy &..walk to my destination on campus..lunch, a meeting". Shawn

Twitter: @HealthyUNH

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