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RT @joshgnosis: There probably should be a public interest advocate for the site-blocking court cases too, to defend consumer rights.

Twitter: @guytaur

I am so thankful for the I have and that surrounds me in my life. I share with all of my students each and everyday!

Twitter: @k12_Advocate

I don't think there is another film that so succinctly sums up 1997 more than Devil's Advocate (1997).

Twitter: @rossdecker

John Hagelin your tenure as Douglas Birx advocate is over to fm facebook he is non important person to IOC

Twitter: @LeifNamah

Such a sweet day! A new volunteer client advocate began her training..."thank you so much for letting me be a part of this!"

Twitter: @NewLifeSierra

RT @grussian: MTA rider advocate's CuomoCard is dig against Goverbor, budget

Twitter: @rmplynch

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