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@BarackObama How dare you drag us to ANOTHER war. My generation has been blown up and killed in Iraq & Afghanistan and we are #done #fuckwar

Twitter: @NatalieWetjen

@Kris_SacreBleu it's kicking the war can down the road. This is the long war that started w/Afghanistan from way back. But we gotta do it.

Twitter: @JackieBlue4u

@oreillyfactor understand frustration & yes, war fought wrong in #Afghanistan & #Iraq. Need what Pres Bush promised: get who attacks #USA.

Twitter: @Pulalupu

Family, secrets, love and growing up in war torn Afghanistan, recommend you check out #thekiterunner @BirminghamRep

Twitter: @NikiPeggy

You could very well have been 6 when the Afghanistan war started and died there today.

Twitter: @ThisAlbumSucks

RT @YousefMunayyer: REMINDER: US is still at war in Afghanistan. Yes, still, since 2001.

Twitter: @NickBaumann

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