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That sack Kruger just made was a 15 yard penalty for Ahmad brooks 😕

Twitter: @KawhiteLeonard

That should be a penalty on Kruger! That was the same exact hit Ahmad Brooks had on Brees last year...

Twitter: @Crazy_FN_Bill

How thats not a penalty though???? it wasa flag on Ahmad brooks last year ..whats the difference???

Twitter: @CheddarGotPaper

Paul Krouger gave Brees the same hit Ahmad Brooks did last year. Was there a call? Nope…..

Twitter: @iSigg85

On the other hand, the Niners' treatment of the Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith cases suggest they don't care as long as they guy can play.

Twitter: @_BVM

“@WiseMan_Phil: Ahmad Brooks, hit Brees harder next time. That's good, clean football.” /The NFL playing on Saturday now, WiseMan?

Twitter: @RandallGeoffrey