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Al Davis said it best, just win baby win. #djkhaledspeakinthetruth

Twitter: @EricaTrainer30

@DeionSanders @CharlesHaley94 @81TimBrown tell them stop #hating on Al Davis & the @RAIDERS

Twitter: @greedybiggreedy

In case ya missed last week's Al Kooper column - Old Music for New People: Andy Davis, Mount Moriah, Sonya Kitchell

Twitter: @TheMortonReport

@LullOnSports #browns who cares about upgrades. As Al Davis would say, " just win baby". That's the bottim line. Price hike = LMAO

Twitter: @barrellrollbob

227's YouTube Chili' NBA 2K15 | MyPlayer - Bryant Jr dunks it over Davis - WOW!: NBA 2K1... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA

Twitter: @harder227

Al Davis really hated the NFL

Twitter: @Iron_Lungs54

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