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you turn and face the door. you examine the arch that surrounds it. the one you serve you're going to see Brian Wilson, Al Jardine &

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What a wonderfully successful day! I am so glad that everything went well at the symposium. Good job @iP AC_UMD et al 🎉

Twitter: @Fiona_Jardine

The Wilson brothers and Al Jardine are The Beach Boys. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston are douches.

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@kimwilde I was at that too Kim! Rufus&Chaka Khan, Joe Walsh& The Eagles + Al Jardine playing bass in the Beach Boys in a full Celtic Kit!

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I ranked The Beach Boys from most to least talented: 1. Brian Wilson 2. Dennis Wilson 3. Al Jardine 4. Aruba 5. Jamaica 6. Kokomo 7. Animal

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