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Alex Smith on twitter
RT @TSNScottyMac: Either that or get Kaepernick out of the pocket. If you're trying to turn him into Alex Smith, why'd you trade THE Alex S…

Twitter: @parkerlarsen1

RT @MarkZinno: I don't know how anyone can say that Colin Kaepernick is anything but an average QB. The @49ers made the wrong choice. Alex …

Twitter: @RedStaplerGuy

@JTD_Smith @Alex_Kienholz yall ever play football on muddy days

Twitter: @TommyECook

@Kaepernick7 U make Alex Smith look like Joe Montana with ur sorry pathetic play hope u are gone soon u will never be Elite NFL=NOT FOR LONG

Twitter: @Tru2RedNGold25

@si_nfl @SInow @KCChiefs look pretty good with ol Alex Smith. #keepyrkap

Twitter: @mhusker

RT @Billcember: Alex Smith>Colin Kapernick

Twitter: @gsteezy8