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@zada_alexis @allen_chan06 k. Well that's gross yung applesauce.

Twitter: @Austan_Dross

The only thing I've ate today was popcorn & now that Allen is offering to get me food it all sounds so gross, I'm so nauseous 😪

Twitter: @_chelsiix0

@AlJean Al... here's a bunch of stories... scroll down to I never laughed so hard... tim allen's story. john gross...

Twitter: @tvsportsshooter

@_Zach_Allen_ gross 😁

Twitter: @BFOW21

@Johnny_1720 @reIatabIe that's gross!! 😂😂👌👌

Twitter: @allen_rishae

That gross moment when you find a human FINGER NAIL in your shirt. Thanks Danielle Allen for donating your nail. :( eww

Twitter: @MiniiMaya

Allen Gross Books
A Scientific German Reader
George Theodore Dippold, $15.99