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@allen_alicemare im not a tsundere hes just a gross nerd

Twitter: @probably_david

@allen_alicemare no hes a gross nerd who doesnt know what bathing is

Twitter: @probably_david

@KatiePavlich Gross... @allen_colvin @DefendWallSt

Twitter: @YankReb69

@allen_alicemare I dunno, Allen. I do still act affectionate towards you even though you already have your kitty-cat.. I'm kinda gross.

Twitter: @joshuatheliar

@joshuatheliar No, you're not gross. [paps] Stella's just not used to more outgoing people like you.

Twitter: @allen_alicemare

Why has lily Allen gone off the rails & in to space? She's gone nuts, her image is gross. She going through a divorce or something?

Twitter: @jodiekesterton