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@allen_mad @NEUM_onia it was so gross you have no idea

Twitter: @furlong_jenna

RT @letty_alicemare: rick is gross pass it on

Twitter: @allen_alicemare

@allen_alicemare i need to shove eggs up my a more often if this keeps happening //: gross sobbing

Twitter: @Youre_Alice

@WokaNea taste gross but he actualy liked it and tried to swallow everything but some dripped out of his mouth and onto his hands and chin--

Twitter: @Allen_Walker_C

RT @BassinDawg: #Dawgs Gurley already hated the Gators before he ever met Bryan Allen. Now he hates them even more! #DawgsOnTop…

Twitter: @Sarah__Gross

RT @beewebusa: @stopeatingcats @Jerseypassion gross! Never buy or wear someone else's fur!

Twitter: @allen_tanya