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"@ imakeitrin:Remember when Sammy&I met hoodie Allen&sam made a gross face bc we didn't know who he was"must suck now

Twitter: @HoodieMob_WA

@JonRottenberg I recently spoke to John J.B. Allen who said you and James Gross had the best film clip database for emotion elicitation.

Twitter: @ToddGailun

the end of this movie is gross why are you feeling bad for this guy allen

Twitter: @bastilledan_


Twitter: @Allen_Lucy16

#SOTU #MissingFromSOTU Mention of 3 of the "Cuban Five" that assisted in death of 4 Americans traded for release of Alan Phillip Gross.

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Any attempt to help Jesus pay our debt is a gross affront. It may appear humble, but is in fact a form of religious pride. #beholdyourGod

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Allen Gross Books
A Scientific German Reader
George Theodore Dippold, $15.99