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@AlyssaDotCom @Alyssa_Milano voting for you everytime I have a chance <3

Twitter: @fml_poweroff3

“@Alyssa_Milano: Drinking a "Medium" Soda Every Day Can Age You As Much As Smoking Does /via @heykim” @gsingh_uk

Twitter: @navrupkaur

@Alyssa_Milano @heykim luckily I'm not that into soda.

Twitter: @BeautyGoddess26

@Alyssa_Milano did you have your baby yet if yes girl or boy

Twitter: @marylovesrafael

How to get to Alyssa Milano's house, so that we can find Nick Denton and fart in his casserole.

Twitter: @maftd

Alyssa Milano Calls Out “Judgy People” Who Are Shaming Women Instead of the Real Culprit

Twitter: @USUKMusicNews

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