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RT @amahighlights: @Alyssa_Milano Ask Me Anything Highlights -

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RT @johnniejae: @WaldenE @Alyssa_Milano @EthanKeller @ImYourMascot @zhaabowekwe @Creekleo @WeLiveNative Wow. Must be desperate for work to…

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#PeoplesChoiceAwards Have you all guys voted? If not, what are u all waiting for? Vote @Alyssa_Milano @AlyssaDotCom she has to win!

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@WaldenE @Alyssa_Milano @EthanKeller @ImYourMascot @zhaabowekwe @Creekleo @WeLiveNative Wow. Must be desperate for work to support a slur.

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@Alyssa_Milano looked lovely as a mermaid, pretty much like Ariel #Charmed @CharmedDaily @ThePowerOfThree

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@Alyssa_Milano just Watched the 8 seasons of Who s the boss! You are a really great beautiful actress!love You and watching You in France !!

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