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Alyssa Milano on twitter
@Alyssa_Milano Mistresses this week was great! I am hoping Savvy and Zack get together.

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@m_a_t_t_l @ObiDan26 @CJCau and don't forget the only thing that makes a Dodgers jersey look good is Alyssa Milano

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RT @fitpregnancy: . @Alyssa_Milano shared tonsss of great pregnancy advice for our Aug/Sept issue. Download your copy!…

Twitter: @DanniTeller

crying my eyes out because Phoebe had to vanquish Cole! @Alyssa_Milano #Charmed #Season4 #boxset #longlivethequeen #tears #OldieButGoodie

Twitter: @ashyanne31

@Alyssa_Milano @TreeHugger why aren't there any stars in the sky???

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Ah TNT, feeding my @Alyssa_Milano crush for so long thru #Charmed.

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