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@IndyVoices @Independent It's part of his plan 2 bring America 2 her knees...economy, deficit, jobs, Iraq, #ISIS, Libya, scandals. #Resign

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RT @TheEconomist: Why America's economy has grown faster under Democratic presidents

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RT @TXFairTaxer: Adopting the #FairTax would be a much needed "shot in the arm" of America's economy.

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RT @JRTomlinAuthor: Panama's Economy will grow 5% In 2014 Fastest Growing Economy In Latin America Banana Republic s…

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By 2030 the Chinese economy will be twice as large as America’s and larger than the EU and US

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RT @WingsScotland: Remember how much Alistair Darling likes to sneer about Panama? It's about to have oil too. In a place called Darien. ht…

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