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RT @Ashton5SOS: I had a good day today, did you, I hope so, Good morrow America tomorrow, epic excitement xx

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@docm77 what if somebody from America or canada wins the doc block? Don't they have different wall plugs where you're from?

Twitter: @WootBroskiZoom

RT @Sheen300: The church isn't telling people about the coming judgment to America. So many are thinking we're so safe and untouchable 😔.. …

Twitter: @_impairedBeauty

One of America's Most Famous Slow-Food Chefs Says Farm-to-Table 'Doesn't Really Work' - CityLab Some wisdom here

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RT @TheAntiMedia1: Here's a surprisingly and logical read from HuffPo about America's perpetual wars:

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RT @piersmorgan: Maybe if every school shooter in America had Ebola, it would be deemed news.

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