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American Revolution on twitter
Real revolution today has to start w/ economics. We aren't fairly represented in any aspect of American life. No taxation w/o representation

Twitter: @HarshWordsWF

@zellieimani White fight 4 rights; American Revolution 1765-1783. Black fight for rights; James River,1619 to #Ferguson. Be patient they say

Twitter: @ohkayfine

@jaredfitch i kept thinking back to the American revolution, I'm going to talk crazy for a sec : feels like we should all go there and fight

Twitter: @hemeon

I'm pretty ignorant of the opening throws of the American Revolution, how do I clue myself up for my imminent trip to @NotifyBoston

Twitter: @baj

@HerrBains American War for Independence was was a revolution in many ways..A country with no Monarchy that lasts.

Twitter: @Vadwalas

Never heard of @BalconesWhisky, Osocalis or Laws Whiskey House? Read up in @jamesrodewald’s “American Spirit:” #NOW

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