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RT @BulletsForever: Professor Andre Miller #NBABallot, because he needs a break after grading semester exams

Twitter: @UTurn69

VIDEO: Andre Miller tries going up on a Tuesday

Twitter: @TimberwolvesNew

The Mavs added Rondo, so I wrote far too seriously about Andre Miller trying to tip-dunk for @VantageSports:

Twitter: @andrewrcutler

RT @R__Hod: His back hurt 😭😭😭 “@MySportsLegion: Andre Miller gets rejected by the rim.”

Twitter: @SkipToMyTweets

RT @Bouncex3: Player illustration no 22 in my project - “The Hermit of Maruyama” (round mountain) Mr. Andre Miller! #WIzards…

Twitter: @mimilliman

That Andre Miller putback still got my back on fire 😹

Twitter: @_aaronwright