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RT @KremlinRussia_E: Telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel: situation in #Ukraine, anti #Ebola efforts ht…

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Angela Merkel reacts to #Camerons #eu speech today...

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Angela Merkel reasserts support for Moldova’s European course

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I just realized today that I’m only two hugs away from TWO presidents, and only two hugs and an awkward backrub away from Angela Merkel.

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RT @GreenpeaceEU: Wo ist Angela Merkel? Has German government left the stage as #EUCO decides #EU2030 targets? http:…

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I've just spent €102 in Lidl. Because this is a significant portion of Germany GDP, Angela Merkel has made me their Chancellor for Exchequer

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Angela Merkel Books
Neue Horizonte
David Dollenmayer, $174.95
Why Nations Go to War
John G. Stoessinger, $52.76
Keynes: The Return of the Master
Robert Skidelsky, $6.66