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Angela Merkel on twitter
Ex-US Intelligence officers memo on Ukraine for Angela Merkel -

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@jchristie25 Remember Angela Merkel? The German Chancellor that the NSA tapped her phone? How do u think they did that

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How can my Dad not know who Angela Merkel is?

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Press about Angela Merkel and Tanja Playner. Wow:) It`s nice

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Angela Merkel makes case 4 German role in conflicts via @WSJ Says Germany Shouldn't Shy Away When Interest Is @ Stake

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RT @ianbremmer: For all intents and purposes, Angela Merkel is EU Foreign Minister.

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Angela Merkel Books
Neue Horizonte
David Dollenmayer, $213.33
Why Nations Go to War
John G. Stoessinger, $52.94
Keynes: The Return of the Master
Robert Skidelsky, $8.59