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My starting fantasy football receivers are pretty good...Dez Bryant (Cowboys), Julio Jones (Falcons), and Antonio...

Twitter: @chrisjoconner7

Dez Bryant or Antonio Brown..??

Twitter: @ballandbars1

Left E. Sanders on bench this week. Started Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown & Andre Johnson. Hope they score as many points combined #Oops

Twitter: @ShaunOHara60

That awkward moment when Emmanuel Sanders is sitting on your bench...still would do it over again w/ Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, Randall Cobb

Twitter: @akaMattyJ

@jstannymlber61 ... Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, TY Hilton are my starters

Twitter: @CapnAHemm

@MattUM02 always tough to start him over dez bryant or Antonio brown

Twitter: @FrankieRomero12

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