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Arab Christians on twitter
Israeli Cab approves legislation nation-state of Jewish people though Arab Muslims & Christians are 20% pop.

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Muhammad and the Arab Jews: A few years after his migration, Muhammad's attitude towards the Christians and Jews...

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RT @_IslamicHistory: The Jews and Christians who adopted Muslim/Arab norms were called "Mozàrabs", derived from the Arabic word "Musta3rib".

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RT @_IslamicHistory: The Christians and Jews who lived under the Caliphate copied Arab manners and customs, though they did not embrace Isl…

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RT @MustaphaDabogi: @RadicalYouthMan @comr_roland @NonsoEzeani1 "Allah" is an Arabic word meaning "God" why the confusion? Arab Christians …

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@RadicalYouthMan @comr_roland @NonsoEzeani1 I asked if you know about Arab Christians and their an Arabic bible with the word Allah?

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