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Friday the 19th!! the Wakefield Doctrine ( "<em>yeah, I'll fall on my knees, raise up my rig… via @@wakefielddoc

Twitter: @wakefielddoc

This fool just said "B as in Boy, U as in You"

Twitter: @King_dev_85

You tend to bounce back quickly from disappointment because yo... More for Sagittarius

Twitter: @King_B_718

#2014BETawardsweekendATL🍑 #Opera🏤 #YF🎼 #BRA🎤 B E S T R A P P E R A L I V E🎤 IMA PEOPLES KING👑…

Twitter: @OTM_YF

Read the History of B.B. King

Twitter: @Vallancedig

@AmonitionFlo If I ever Lost B! She'll prolly Take a Piece Of Me”

Twitter: @king_trey1989