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RT @SarahCAMoore: Women have to deal with periods and pregnancy. Men have to deal with women. Its all about balance.

Twitter: @49ersforever21

Have to find a balance and I can't do it until the summer 😥 May where are you ???? 😩😩😩

Twitter: @Shabba_Sharay

“@ryleahager: I'm honestly scared to check my bank account balance🙈” @giordano116

Twitter: @gabibattaglio

RT @karannkapoor18: For every cool person born ... There is also a fool born somewhere .. To maintain the balance you see ..

Twitter: @Kassandra_Kc_

The Balance of Day & Night!

Twitter: @cinderellavzlna

RT @vballproblems: *bounce*bounce*bounce*slap*bounce*bounce*twist*bounce*balance on finger*bounce*hit on head*bounce send to moon*bounce* O…

Twitter: @kayla_toul