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Checking your debit card balance is definitely the most depressing thing you could choose to do

Twitter: @TyForst

RT @JasonSereno: Hunger Strike Day 15. @cliffgammceo still hasn't paid my balance for #video work so I put @GammaGamers on blast too. https…


Master At Meditation: Bring harmony to your life through a natural balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Twitter: @KateBushConcert

Know the kind of friends you roll with and know the kind of lady you are falling for. None of them should disrespect each other. #Balance

Twitter: @topgee992

RT @hcorbett_evans: Don't know what's worse; my sleeping pattern, my diet, my work ethic or my bank balance.

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RT @aaalecs_: "it's funny how you try to balance your girly-ness with your scrubby-ness.. although your scrubby-ness dominates" 😂💀

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