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Barack Obama on twitter
RT @SLIMSHADY_IN_ME: *Iggy Azalea won over Eminem in the AMAs* People: WHAT? World: WHAT? Aliens: WHAT? Barack Obama: WHAT? STANS: WHA…

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RT @HistoryInPics: A young Barack Obama riding a tricycle, 1965

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Barack Hussein Obama's Unchallenged Criminality Guarantees America's Demise via @DCClothesline

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RT @CzarZellem: If Barack Obama had a son,he'd look like pipebomb builder & New Black Panther member Brandon Muhamed #ferguson #tcot http:/…


Obama: By the People: The Election of Barack Obama: Millions saw history made as Barack Obama took the podium on elec

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i was so dumb happy ive seen barack obama impersonator on fox

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