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Happy Halloween Mr.Barack Obama is a murderer and thief. he tried to kill all of us for money. Terrorist!

Twitter: @datill555

Barack Obama, President for Life!! #ScaryStoriesIn5Words

Twitter: @DaveAlcala

RT @CarmineZozzora: If you don't vote, remember this is the price: List of Federal Judges appointed by Barack Obama…

Twitter: @noprisoners1

RT @wessmith123: IRONY ALERT! Romney is off of his MEDS Again! Spooky! #KeepCalmVoteDem #UniteBlue #TNTweeters http…

Twitter: @BilboBagman

President Barack Obama Rejects The Ice Bucket Challenge As Justin Timber...: via @YouTube

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#getyourshare1 CASE=CONSTITUTIONALviolations THAT led2 HAVNG JointCust butNOT beingABLE 2C Spencer 4nearly 2YEARS

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