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Barack Obama on twitter
"An Illinois House Committee wants taxpayers to pay $100 million for a Barack Obama library"

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RT @CFLancop: @TiredOfTyranny @KatiePavlich I'm waiting for their email on marriage loyalty with Bill Clinton and another on honesty with B…

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Borini -John & AkshayWITCHES are Barack Obama\\\'s pet LABRA-DOODLE. LAY BARE THE WITCHCRAFT Follow me @ RealDatill

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RT @larryelder: “This is the most transparent administration in history." -- President Barack Obama

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RT @UnrevealedFacts: President Obama was known to be heavy marijuana smoker in his teen & college days. His nickname was "Barack Oganja" ht…

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RT @mike_el_boss: Michelle Obama: go talk to your hoes Barack Obama: here we go again

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