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@Accordion617 And they also have ones shaped like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire.

Twitter: @RedSox730

Barry Bonds:This is nothing. I've got nine writers standing here. McGwire had 200 writers when he had 30 home runs.

Twitter: @zthghfm

@FlawdaBoy1981 @NickG8TRNation @tyceUF twitter was Barry Bonds his ass was the ball. It's outta here!

Twitter: @TH_Natural

One day when they decide to erase Barry Bonds as the HR King in the record books they will replace his name with Jon Heyman

Twitter: @KennyDucey

Lol Barry Bonds a whole hoe out chea fa not signing a youngins autograph

Twitter: @IceburghSlimm

I ain't neva celebrity that wasn't cool except Barry Bonds in Fred Tate bsrbershop down Manchester

Twitter: @IceburghSlimm