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RT @jonnysun: EXCLUSIVE: kanye west & kim kardashim atempt to recreate photo of rap power coupel, mistake barry bonds for mona lisa http://…

Twitter: @benfoldsone

fool year. I like chess by life. Is ORIX cheerful day. I bought your ticket.(Barry Bonds, The DARARS)

Twitter: @qoolandMrTakbot

Barry Bonds – World Record Hitter (MLB Baseball Home Run Documentary) - <object width="425" height="355"> ...

Twitter: @baseballML

@PattyWhite_NYM @NYDailyNews LMAO!! One Ethiopian weighs as much as Barry Bonds' head.

Twitter: @TheElPadre

Barry Bonds is an asshole but try getting a Bay Area native to say that.

Twitter: @PaveMaria

Even Barry Bonds was invited to party with Giants fans after the World Series.

Twitter: @espn961