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@HeatherApplebum I can tolerate Barry Bonds; Drunk & Hot Girls makes me upset every single time tho.

Twitter: @dopaliciousdoJo

On my way to Game 4 of the World Series... Uber driver just asked me if Barry Bonds is playing tonight. Beer me.

Twitter: @JPaulSea

@sportsgirl_xo It's just frustrating that everyone is swinging like their Barry bonds. Like wtf you're a contact hitter, get on fucking base

Twitter: @__JessicaIsabel

blocked “@DeejRoth2: Barry Bonds “@truebake: Name a kanye song that's 5/10””

Twitter: @truebake

Barry Bonds “@truebake: Name a kanye song that's 5/10”

Twitter: @DeejRoth2

@GerryDales @CarlToddHand I'll be frank: Pavement is to 1990s as Radiohead is to 2000s. Dominated their musical decades like Barry Bonds.

Twitter: @EsotericCD