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RT @PoppethThyPussy: How the capital of the state ain't got a skyline? Downtown Baton Rouge looks pitiful

Twitter: @GeauxGabby

I've been walking around Baton Rouge with my friends all day! I'm so tired

Twitter: @slwtty

Met some girls who came just to see #GarthBrooks. One's fav is 'Callin Baton Rouge' & she flipped when I told her I was from BR. #ErininErin

Twitter: @erineestevenson

Baton Rouge sitting on the most polluted river in the United States but got the nerve to have signs saying "Keep Baton Rouge beautiful"

Twitter: @PoppethThyPussy

RT @xoFinck: Only in Baton Rouge... 😂 #LSU #GeauxTigers #stayclassy

Twitter: @bre_tucker_17

RT @PoppethThyPussy: People from Baton Rouge say I sound like I'm from up north, but people from other places tell me I sound like a hillbi…

Twitter: @GeauxGabby