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Brutal here in Tampa bay area. #blizzardof2015

Twitter: @Randy_Shannon

@lil_lost With that said, there are days I miss living in CA (bay area).

Twitter: @ITSecurity

living in the bay area my whole life made oblivious to racism tbh

Twitter: @helenmitchell91

RT @nbcbayarea: San Francisco topped a list of the U.S.'s richest cities to live in. San Jose came in second place.

Twitter: @naotoj

On my way to the Bay Area. Hoping@to have a productive week.

Twitter: @KavithaKrishna4

RT @OnSMASH: Brooklyn to the Bay Area, @RowdyRebelGS9 @BobbyShmurdaGS9 & @TooShort have a strip club gem…

Twitter: @rahstahg