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RT @Carson_Case: I'm not a morning person wow.

Twitter: @bell_ladonna

@Gabe_Ortez gabe... the first bell rings at 7:30....

Twitter: @kennamaxfield

Next weeks check is gonna suck cause I was only scheduled for 3 days and I had to call in yesterday for being sick & it's not gonna be good😫

Twitter: @bell_ladonna

Swing a bell. Change your life. Fall sessions starting soon! @AnnapolisCounty @town_berwick @AcadiaRecFit

Twitter: @KKFitness198

RT @Mama4Obama1: Used to leave us hanging in trees,now the leave us lying in the street /Billie Holiday-Strange fruit- HD…

Twitter: @clarissa_bell

RT @MarchameUnaNapo: DENSE CUENTA: mejor es una limpieza de cutis “@AlanHungover: When girls think that makeup covers up their acne http://…

Twitter: @Bell_Rea92