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Aimie: "I don't need Spanish when I go to Taco Bell, when I go I just say wtf you saying, I don't speak fucking Spanish" 😂😂😂

Twitter: @Pincesss2

RT @MenOfHistory: "Show me a man who cannot bother to do little things and I'll show you a man who cannot be trusted to do big things." - L…

Twitter: @gigimcneill_jo

RT @hannahqt98: Having sirens as a bell really is NOT necessary, Apollo. ✋

Twitter: @tatumchap

To go get Taco Bell or not.. Hmm.

Twitter: @autumn_wilsonnn

Please Tell AAA to Stop Promoting SeaWorld, like Southwest Airlines, Virgin America & Taco Bell have! via @PETA

Twitter: @Pattyshenker

“@Bet_Dat_Up_Bell: “@Dah_T_inTrill: 9 years and he said they was just fucking around these niggas heartless fr” 👐👐👐👐” smh

Twitter: @Dah_T_inTrill