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Panels from the Berlin Wall on display at our hotel. Where were you when the wall came down? #utpol.

Twitter: @KenIvoryUT

Assista a "Roger Waters - One of My Turns [Live in Berlin]"

Twitter: @matemarinh

RT @JaguarCanada: Welcome to Classic Car Mecca. Photo via @drivingdotca

Twitter: @todd_leblanc

We experienced Berlin Curry Complaint Fractalisation yesterday. Heard English couple eating a curry complain, as we complained walking past.

Twitter: @DasGiftBerlin

Hitler's office in the New Reich Chancellery in Berlin is 400m large and if its built again it would cost over 1 billion dollars.

Twitter: @crappyfactsare

Tropics- We are watching a cluster of storms out in the Atlantic that has the chance to become a tropical system...

Twitter: @berlin_weather

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