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Beth Gaines on twitter
@emory_gaines HAHA K- Kiley E- Emory M- Mckenna B- Beth D- Me 🙋 S- Sean HAHAHA. Beth made it

Twitter: @kzkymx

Trivia: Who remembers what Garth Brooks alter-ego's name was? #AMA'S CHRIS GAINES #TrueStory

Twitter: @USF_Beth

@SacAList Thank You 'SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION of CA" & Beth Gaines for Honouring us "A SMALL BUSINESS,THE SANDHU FAMILY for The Year 2014"

Twitter: @IndiaHouseSACTO

Mrs Beth Gaines Honourable Assambly women Member Honouring India House Folsom CA & Sandhu Family on celebration...

Twitter: @IndiaHouseSACTO

Trustee Howard Rudd honored for his years of service on the Sierra College Board by Beth Gaines rep.

Twitter: @SierraCollege