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@AnthonyWitkoski but when Bill Cowher straight up says everyone steals signals and chests, it becomes singling out an organization-

Twitter: @mace_jd

@BLcity5 You do know other teams did what the Pats did right? They're the ones that got caught. Bill Cowher even admitted it.

Twitter: @JMartinezBKN

@JeromeBettis36 Stop whining like a coward.You lost fair and square.You're ruining whatever your legacy is with this

Twitter: @rosenblum_zach

@GH057ayame Bill Cowher admitted years ago that he did it w Pittsburgh. Said plenty of teams filmed, just didnt get caught. #HatersGonnaHate

Twitter: @ZCotten24

@palbanesi_66 @PANDA_lean "it was something that everybody does.We had people that always tried to steal signals." -Bill Cowher

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@troy_durr @ForrestCote right right. Now what's the excuse for Bill Cowher saying every team stole signals from the sideline?

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