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@Voodoo_Ben lmao cheating huh? Everyone was doing dumbass...Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson admitted it..whose ur team?

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1992 Pro Line #414 Bill 'The Jaw' Cowher ROOKIE Mint Pittsburgh Steelers CBS

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@stevemarasco okay my man you're rightthey cheated but I'm just curious Bill Cowher I think at the time he said everybody else was doing it

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@MMehtaNYDN Heard your interview with @DaleArnoldNESN and @MichaelSHolley last week. Bill Cowher is one example:

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@JeffBruder @jimwexell @markvuk Apparently you did. His name was Bill Cowher. Colbert was his caddy, not the other way around.

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RT @pantherrants: Bill Cowher managed to take the Steelers to the postseason 7 years in a row when he took over Jamie Dixon did it 8 years…

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