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Billionaire Michael Bloomberg thinks he can just buy the bill of rights. #freedom

Twitter: @JDooley17

just those allowed to me in the Bill of Rights. the same BOR that protects you to be an atheist @questions_faith @GSD_SteVB

Twitter: @SCPatriot13

MT @StreetRoots: Instead of criminalizing the actions of the homeless pop. & pushing them out, would you support a homeless bill of rights?

Twitter: @Ntl_Homeless

@lukejcole pull up the bill of rights genius and link me the abortion one

Twitter: @PatDell73

“@BILL_of_rights: Couldn't ask to be apart of a better program & group of kids, look forward to next season @Concordlegion" lies

Twitter: @Concordlegion

What should an "accessibility bill of rights" for the internet include? #a11y

Twitter: @AMAC_tweet