Topic: Billy Zane
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Billy Zane on twitter
I like @RichardEpcar as Ansem, but doesn't @NeKap sound more like Billy Zane? Or were the devs trying to sway away from that voice.

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@valkilmer @andylevy Tickling a dead man's fancy. What in the name of Billy Zane is going on here?

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RT @alexkoll: @katya_zamo srsly tho: 1) are you in LA tonight? 2) where? 3) Is Billy Zane made of 100% natural fruit leather?

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@PaintItBlag are you talking about billy Zane?

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@ChemicalCircus One quarter Billy Zane in there too

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@myk_saiten omg now Billy could b a #ManCrushMonday on a Tuesday...totes agree on anything Zane tho...good choice

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