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Billy Zane on twitter
@DougBenson "Zanes, Banes and Ally McBeals" movies with Billy Zane, Tom Hardy or Calista Flockhart. #DLM #LMG

Twitter: @deathsquadTN

@TheStaceyBeth Billy Zane is the best!

Twitter: @Mr_Coffee28

Billy Zane, you stupid, handsome sonofabitch. #DemonKnight

Twitter: @TheStaceyBeth

@TheStaceyBeth billy zane is great. That movie has the same ghoul extras with nothing to do in the background issue as from dusk till dawn.

Twitter: @AdamWingard

listen to your friend Billy Zane. he's a cool dude.

Twitter: @joshmust

RT @aaron_earley: Billy Zane's a cool guy, so here's a picture I drew of him as his character from Titanic. #billyzane……

Twitter: @TEAMHOLT