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Billy Zane on twitter
2007 film 'The Mad', which stars Billy Zane, is about ______________. A. rabid hounds B. zombies C. illegal...

Twitter: @Ghostlyhorror

Just started following Billy Zane. I've loved him since Memphis Belle and he likes soccer :)

Twitter: @cindysheppard12

@Daily_Star when did she have enlargement because she used to be much smaller when with Billy Zane. Looked better too.

Twitter: @Wadey1234

@tantan_louise About as much as Billy Zane's left bollock...xxxxx

Twitter: @joem1013

Fuckin Billy Zane man

Twitter: @Daniel_Mossey

"@drayzze: @kellynichole6 For Billy Zane? I would." Lol....he would deserve it...IF he had been the one to write the line!

Twitter: @kellynichole6