Topic: Birth Control
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Birth Control on twitter
A possible side effect but not a definite one. Depends "@Iam_Busia: Birth control pills make women fat ?”

Twitter: @_adjeiwa_

Are yours truly ragged respecting yours iphone getting battered only bruised? fit in an birth control device to...

Twitter: @GillCalhoun

PureCFNM Video: Female production crew can't help jumping on a huge cock during birth control filming...

Twitter: @CFNMLucy

@DabAggin I understand those people consider monthly birth control to be an illicit drug addiction. @Chenagrrl

Twitter: @TheXclass

RT @_Mo_lee_: Excuse me, how much for these baby blockers? "Ma'am that's birth control"

Twitter: @LittleMissMag69

If I purge an hour after I've taken my birth control, should I take another one?

Twitter: @Anamia55603688