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@TPeezyy18 @ZPizzle_12 if brady is supposed to be one of the goats, of course he's gonna get scrutinized when he plays like blaine gabbert

Twitter: @drizzleback69

@benmaller The Buffalo Bills should trade for 49ers backup QB Blaine Gabbert. He's a good starting QB similar to Alex Smith or better.

Twitter: @BillyFiesta

RT @chrislitch: @MaioccoCSN if Blaine Gabbert was your backup you would succumb to pressure as well.

Twitter: @wavy_wetback

@SAABLoBlaw I did predict Blaine Gabbert being a huge bust, though I may not b alone on that one lol

Twitter: @MauriceDelTaco_

@DeionSanders @nfl Blaine Gabbert kidnapped Tom Brady & took his place

Twitter: @SeanMcDermott14

The Patriots are 2-2, but some of the reaction would lead me to believe they are 0-4 and have Blaine Gabbert at QB.

Twitter: @AndyYSR

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