Topic: Bob Jordan
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Bob Jordan on twitter
@ihooponyou @juscallme_BOB 😂😂😂😂 corny asf

Twitter: @_jordan_johnson

@Jordan_Esco would be available, for bowl, possibly. That is, as you just stated, if the injury is what Bob says it is.

Twitter: @Thedraketfb

Jordan playing with my teddy bear: god dammit Bob 😂😂

Twitter: @brittany_ewan

Comparing nick Saban and bob stoops is like comparing Jordan and D wade...

Twitter: @Singh26Jatinder

It's not, nor will it ever be, in my DNA to want OU to lose,but I can't help but feel winning today only makes Bob hunker down even further.

Twitter: @Jordan_Esco

@Jordan_Esco umm he is Bob's brother and that is all the justification he will need.

Twitter: @Sooner_Magic