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" I feel good today, Silent Bob, we're gonna make some money, then you know what we're going to do? We're gonna go to that party."

Twitter: @ClerksQuotes1

RT @DevilsOfUnited: Angel Di Maria will travel to Manchester very soon to complete his move to Manchester United. #MUFC

Twitter: @bob_booty

RT @ejayblackmagic: "@Kingk_60: And just as i said it, the realest nigga stepped into the party last nyt #BOB @ejayblackmagic"Oshe!

Twitter: @dmonex99

@IngridHarrison @Jesse_Hogan @60Mins To protect Bob's daughter from (undue) suspicion, see ODD testimony from Richard King. Took a bullet.

Twitter: @sueisinnocent

RT @Fact: Religious wars are basically people killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend -- Napoleon Bonaparte

Twitter: @Bob_Lawblaw

RT @peta: Who wants cupcakes?! Come by the PETA Bob Barker Building! We're here till 6PM 4 the #VeganFashion Pop Up Shop ❤️ 👗…

Twitter: @MsJulia1988

Bob. Books
Flash Boys
Michael Lewis, $12.00
The One and Only Ivan
Katherine Applegate, $7.98
Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers
Bobby Lynn Maslen, $8.93
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Marc Weissbluth M.D., $5.33