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@SacramentoKings Bobby Jackson!I think he is the best 6th man.

Twitter: @LTKings

@eric_a_jackson Well as long as Bobby Ewing is telling you what to do- we're ok :D

Twitter: @gomerpyleslm

Travis Cook calls out Gary Jackson...and Bobby Heenan via @flairwhoooooo

Twitter: @flairwhoooooo

@udy11 he's a back up. He's Bobby Jackson. Still need Mike Bibby

Twitter: @KeilMoorePSB

@Bulls_Jay Tyrus had that one sweet block/dunk combo against Bobby Jackson/Rasual Butler and that was about it.

Twitter: @Riles23

@smokey_bear one really quick question, where was smokey when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire, or when Ricky Bobby was in shock, or...

Twitter: @GreatGabadiah