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Bobby Shmurda, SwishNBA, and Reggie Jackson all the same person as far as I'm concerned.

Twitter: @PlanetTyler

Hahah dude said bobby shmurda look like Reggie Jackson from okc

Twitter: @SeePastVision

RT @kevinruiz9: Bobby Shmurda looking like Reggie Jackson #facegamefriday #15minslatetho

Twitter: @Jelanni_

Team Metroflex Gym San Marcos will be in full force at the TexasState Naturals. Bobby Davis Smiga Jackson Walker...

Twitter: @BigD_PT

RT @BKayJustThatGuy: How is Bobby East's or any XYZ members dress code FEMININE? The boy @Xsiq pulled a PAPOOSE. Congratulations, we know y…

Twitter: @Jackson_VJ

RT @ZdHipHopJournal: Xsiq Reverses Stevo’s Fukama Rap Chorus And Then Attacks Bobby East on His Latest Song 76 Bars Part 2.

Twitter: @Jackson_VJ

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