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@THEHermanCain All tyrants & dictators use their power to suppress the majority- which support border control & protection.

Twitter: @bdelco58

#myanimallbodypart eagle's wings to fly the whole world without border control

Twitter: @rawringphan

Wow. Just spent almost as long in a queue at UK border control as I did on my flight from Stockholm.

Twitter: @collene_9nhpond

@Mosab_et the Tunisian border control just made a mockery uno😔😔 whaaaaattttt nah you need to go soon or I don't even know u

Twitter: @issrauh

RT @stephenjmolloy: "Ours is a forbidden love" the airport border control officer gently whispers into Ian's ear moments after snapping on …

Twitter: @Beesthegame

RT @Caywood7: governments job is border control not give out free passes

Twitter: @clark_sha

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