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Mommy and I, today on FaceTime! Miss you Mommy!!! 😭💙#facetimemoments #dog #goldenretriever @ Boston,…

Twitter: @dudafaccin

See I got more haters and nay Sayers than eight lakers in Boston 💯

Twitter: @MarsMcFly_

RT @Bo_Celtics_News: Boston Globe: Celtics Will Have a New Alternate Logo for Next Season.. #Celtics #NBA

Twitter: @godsongodi123

RT @LANURSE1: FOUR PLANELOADS of illegal immigrants recently flown to Boston. Good luck with that. #securetheborder

Twitter: @PattieBeck1

RT @Bo_Celtics_News: Boston Sports Live: Are the Red Sox for real, Rondo wants to be a free agent.. #Celtics #NBA

Twitter: @godsongodi123

RT @Kevdawg_85: I seriously hate Boston sports.

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