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Brad Patton on twitter
@lexy_4 just wish it wasn't this way :/ me you and @brooke_patton should go see brad and luc next week

Twitter: @kainzste

RT @Country_Words: Love her like she's leaving, oh and I guarantee she won't. -Brad Paisley

Twitter: @kc_patton

Movie time! I'm watching #Patton. Join the conversation on #tvtag

Twitter: @Brad_Redneck

@Spillinme I can't get enough of Brad Patton

Twitter: @JoeyAussie1

Brad Patton: Building an international career- #alumnispotlight #FollowYourPassion

Twitter: @MOStateCOB

RT @Country_Words: The trouble with up is there's always a down. -Brad Paisley

Twitter: @Kadie_Patton

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