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The 9 players I forgot were Robbie Ross, Brad Snyder, Ben Rowen, Spencer Patton, Jim Adducci, Michael Kirkman, Rua, Scheppers, and Poreda.

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#5: Ratatouille (Widescreen): Ratatouille (Widescreen) Patton Oswalt (Actor), Ian Holm (Actor), Brad Bird (Dir...

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“@ahmed_haikan: Sucking Brad Patton”

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Sucking Brad Patton

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Brad Hopkins, Maurice Patton and Jared Morse talk with Coach Bruce Hatfield about his team, the young talent and...

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RT @Country_Words: She's the voice I'd love to hear someday when I'm ninety, she's that wooden rocking chair, I want rocking right beside m…

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