Topic: Brandon Jacobs
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Brandon Jacobs on twitter
@JohnMancuso_win @Tyler_3883 Toomer was a beast. Eli is number 1 in all sports for me. Brandon Jacobs was also a beast

Twitter: @DanD15

All time favorite Giants: 1. Eli Manning 2. Brandon Jacobs 3. Michael Strahan 4. Victor Cruz 5. Antrel Rolle

Twitter: @DanD15

@JACK_MAG_5 whete was that hit power when Brandon jacobs did this to him?

Twitter: @shane_slatts

@dagoatbm yea for sure. He deff has some Brandon Jacobs in him.

Twitter: @DylanRayMiller

Bruh run like Brandon Jacobs

Twitter: @C_Walker70

Derrick Henry is like a faster Brandon Jacobs. #beast

Twitter: @rareform241