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I'm watching the 2004 Michigan-Michigan St game and holy schnikes, I'd forgotten that Braylon Edwards was an absolute monster back then.

Twitter: @ConnorPHolt

Wow Braylon Edwards was a fuckin beast!!!

Twitter: @bigbanksyota

“@TroyMadden: Man Braylon Edwards used to be cold as hell ..especially in college, tf happened smh”young Braylon was suppose 2 be the new TO

Twitter: @wormmoney2

Jesus, Dan and Bomani gave Braylon Edwards a hard time today. You can always tell when they don't totally respect a guest.

Twitter: @MrBill11

@Tacomeat901_7 haha. Nah, maybe with Crabtree a little, maybe with Braylon Edwards sorry ass, but I doubt anyone else.

Twitter: @netheridges1

@bomani_jones Why is No one Talking About The Braylon Edwards interview 😭😭😭😂 Mad or Nah.

Twitter: @TeeGrandson

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