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Braylon Edwards on twitter
Remember that Michigan team w/ Henne, Mike Hart, Manningham, Steve Breaston, and Braylon Edwards? WHERE ARE THEY NOW

Twitter: @ZakKondratenko

@dancordtz86 @ShaunRainey remember when Braylon Edwards was good? That was fun

Twitter: @JakeJonesKFBB

@Panthers The Panthers need a WR they should sign Braylon Edwards

Twitter: @mrjjoyner

I like Salas but I wish that was Braylon Edwards wearing number 17 #Jets

Twitter: @basedalexortiz

Braylon Edwards. Yea, we fucked up

Twitter: @skalakattack

Who was Jets No.1 WO them years? Braylon Edwards? Santonio? Decker can get the job done.

Twitter: @RVail_96

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