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@miss_raej You know that look parents get in movies when their prom queen daughter says she wants to join a motorcycle gang? I'm doing that.

Twitter: @Buck_Reed

[NEW VIDEO] @ComptonsBuck aka Billionaire Buck #AroundDaWay watch now []

Twitter: @FDJ_GANG

Gettin' Real Buck

Twitter: @Zstreet_Gang

Another lonely night at its best

Twitter: @BuCk__GaNg

Damn south be ballin by bezzled gang, represent the real by quanie cash, prices on my head by buck... The list goes on

Twitter: @Flame615

This Sika deer is about to be on point

Twitter: @BuCk__GaNg

Buck Gang Books
My Life with Bonnie and Clyde
Blanche Caldwell Barrow, $11.98