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Bush Administration on twitter
I'm in a situation with this girl that is as hopeless as overthrowing the Bush administration

Twitter: @errykus

@CBS12 OBL did not conspire 9/11. It was the Bush Administration. Cheney headed it.

Twitter: @Pm3marston

To be clear, the Obama administration is less transparent than the Bush administration." -- Tom Fitton, #quote

Twitter: @LibertarianMike

"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere!" --joking about his administration's failure to find WMDs in Iraq

Twitter: @George_W_Bush_

RT @root_e: The @nytimes editor boasts they never published anything to upset the Bush administration

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RT @Alberthakho: After the Sept 11 attacks, the Bush administration's first mission was to fly Bin Laden family members in the U.S. back to…

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