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Bush Administration on twitter
@ReaganCoalition imagine had Mr. Bush's administration done something similar...ooh the humanity! But other hand...surely is a coincidence.

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Also the bush administration made money off the Iraq war.

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@Larry_UMN @crazylary51 @greta @RepMikePompeo @HillaryClinton @FoxNews bc you'll find the Bush administration's talking points going to fox

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"Fired U.S. Attorneys: Bush Administration 'Turned The Justice Department Into The Laughingstock Of The Country' Познато ви е од некаде?

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By the fall of 2007, Italy was in a significant state of conflict with the US over the Bush administration's...

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RT @BlaineBershad: @milesjreed @Gdad1 By some reports over 22 million emails were deleted by the W.Bush Administration. Other reports said …

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