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@NancyPelosi I'd rather talk about your trip to Syria during Bush administration. A CRIME under the Logan act. #netanyahu

Twitter: @21Trillion_2016

@Shopaholic_918 @msnbc @owillis Job losses AFTER financial meltdown caused by decisions/policies under Clinton administration...not Bush.

Twitter: @AG2Pearl

RT @HaitiInfoProj: COUP FLASHBACK: The Bush Administration's Endgame for #Haiti

Twitter: @AcrossMediums

@ThatEmiratiGirl @Stillstoned89 the Bush administration certainly stirred up anti muslim hysteria after the attack

Twitter: @tomfranks9

@FoxNewsSunday @FoxNews @JohnKasich @balancedbudget Who passed cost of 2 wars onto next administration: George W Bush

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@Montel_Williams his administration has blamed Bush for almost every one of their failures, 6 years after he left office. works both ways

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