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Getting ready for the 2014 CCPOA Convention @ Las Vegas

Twitter: @Desico3Teresa

Thank you CCPOA for hosting the mixer tonight, and all that you do for our Community. @callerdotcom @CorpusChristiPD @CorpusTXDaily

Twitter: @McGinnis4Mayor

@alan_uplc Well, in CA, CCPOA (ostensibly a "union") is the driving $$ force behind prison expansion/three strikes/supermax-style prisons>>

Twitter: @OLAASM

@BenSpielberg. Read Animal Farm (Orwell) and The Toughest Beat (Page). CCPOA and private prisons morally identical.

Twitter: @DmitriMehlhorn

@DmitriMehlhorn I'd need to do more research on CCPOA, though, to have a legitimate conversation about them.

Twitter: @BenSpielberg

@DmitriMehlhorn I'm not saying CCPOA doesn't have power, but that it's not as alarming as for-profit prison management.

Twitter: @BenSpielberg