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@ACLU 17 years in ad-seg, SHU severe schizophrenic, ADD, Schizo-bipolar type, I.Q.50-70,California Prison, CDCr~Jeremy Smith k78446

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RT @KingBach: Yooo @AmandaCerny killed this!

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#DGAA14 awards #BestofWeb14 today @FairmontSF 19th Digital Government & Education Achievement Awards. #CDCR Kudos on your win!

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RT @WamGang: can't wait to see ya killa laying bleeding on the ground 😈 #LongLiveFeak 👼🙌

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After seeing the Secure Housing Unit (solitary confinement) at CIW yesterday, I am still in disbelief at how inhumane it is. #prisons #cdcr

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