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Doing what your VC says, without founder being convinced, is suicidal. If it works, it's VCs idea, it fails, it's CEOs fault @vishalgondal

Twitter: @kanchankumar

RT @Sbshirls: Listened to both SA club CEOs tonight on 5aa. One of them was clearly more positive than the other. Well played KT. #wearepor…

Twitter: @Allkai

Stanford Social Dance classes for situationist CEOs #leadership by @davidzax

Twitter: @borsamat

If SOE CEOs concentrated on being CEO’s instead of being on so many Boards, their SOE would not be in shambles.

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RT @yeolstagram: Future CEOs

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RT @chanipples: the only thing im thinking of right now is 3 hot ceos earning big bucks and gettin all the ladies

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