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Ion even watch cable anymore all I watch is netflix .

Twitter: @RaeeShanelle

Finally we getting some cable in this house

Twitter: @ComeonmyNIGGA

RT @Biamp: When Should You Use Shielded vs. Unshielded Ethernet Cable?

Twitter: @CodeCreative_XL

@grahammctavish @erinjenkins97 @Outlander_Starz Channel will vary by cable company and location. Welcome to the USA!

Twitter: @PeggyMundy

Photoset: feedmecomicart: misterjjj: Dagnabit! Deadpool vs. Cable from Deadpool vs. X-Force #2 by Duane...

Twitter: @Scarykids45

RT @briennino: It's NFL Sunday & TSU fucking up with the cable😒😒

Twitter: @YepitsJayd